Saturday, July 2, 2011

This is Country Music

Off the heels of my first book review, I figured it'd be time for me to have a music review.

Let me start out by saying two things: 1) I rarely if ever buy music anymore. 2) I am the last guy in America that still buys CDs as his primary source of music. I own an MP3 player. It's not made by apple. It was a stupid purchase. It's worthless now. Every time I think of buying an ipod and putting my music on it, I find the task of transferring the music to be just absolutely dreadful. Ok, so that was like 7 or 8 things. Bottom line, I still buy CDs, so, thank you CD makers for continuing to throw me a bone.

Onto the review...

I have been a Brad Paisley fan from the beginning. Ever since I heard his first few CDs I've been hooked. His albums always have a good mix of ballads and good-time songs. He's got a little bit of everything on there for his audience and he is a guitar virtuoso.

One of the things you can count on Brad Paisley for is an album every other summer and so, this summer brought us This is Country Music.

The title track on the album is very well-written and very appropriate for the audience. Country music appeals to so many people because it tells a story, and there are a lot of people out there that can identify with the stories of struggle and triumph often found in country music. The title track accomplishes all of this and is very well done.

Another staple of Paisley's work is the guest-stars he has on his albums. His second track, "Old Alabama" features one of the best country bands of all-time, Alabama. He also has duets on there with Carrie Underwood "Remind Me" and Blake Shelton "Don't Drink the Water." He even manages to get a cameo from Clint Eastwood!

All of the songs on the album are very well written. He is one of those artists that I think sits down and says "let's write a song about Camouflage" and that's exactly what he does.

I would say that this album is a must-own for any country music fan. My favorite songs are:

Don't Drink the Water
This is Country Music
Old Alabama
Remind Me
A New Favorite Memory of You

At first I can honestly say I was not sold on the album, but after a few listens it is easily one of my favorites of his. As I said before, he gives you a little bit of everything, making it a very well-rounded album.

So turn it on. Turn it up. And sing along!