Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Triage 1 and Triage 2

As many of you may or may not know by now, my wife and I welcomed our second child, Jocelyn Emma into the world on April 20th. As far as births go, this one went smoothly, but it was almost missing a key witness...

Because we live an hour and a half away, we had to get up at 3:45 am to get on the roadby 4:30 and be at the hospital for a 6:00 am appointment. There was nothing really remarkable about our trip, we just talked and laughed and shared our excitement about the day ahead. Once we got to the hospital, we parked and they started preparing Melanie for her c-section. Then the fun started.

Sitting in the room with Melanie, I said, "I don't feel very good...I'm gonna go sit down or lay down." I made it as far as the nurses station before I was told to sit down and put my head between my legs because I was as pale as a ghost and if I didn't I'd pass out. So, I shakily sat down and did as I was told. Then, they wheeled me over to a bed in Triage room 2, right next to Melanie who was in Triage room 1. Here I was, laid up with some kind of nausia and dehydration in another room, while the person I was there to support was just fine being prepped in another room.

In the hospital, they have this pain tolerance sign. As seen below. I was right around the top during my little near pass out incident...and Melanie was right around 2 or 3 after her c-section. Yes, I'm a tough guy.

Finally, I was able to stand on my own two and be there when Jocelyn arrived. They handled me with soft gloves and asked me if I was okay every 5 minutes...finding places for me to sit (and insisting I do so) at every step a long the way. Right before I went into the O.R. they asked me how I was. "Good, just a little wounded pride now..."

The end result was well worth it though...


  1. That's my boy! You are a real pioneer male in the family has passed out or even come close during a birth. I am just so very proud.

  2. Ha Ha.............what a guy. Maybe you take after me. I passed out once with Darryl (5 yrs old) on my lap. The dr was going to clean out a wound on his hand. I woke up on the table. Be tough. With three women to boss you around now, you need to practice being tough.