Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Consensus Top Defenses for 2010 Fantasy Football

I'm going to start this post out with some free advice. Don't let someone else dictate the pace of your draft. I believe this advice is particularly important as we head into the final two sets of rankings with Defenses and Kickers. Inevitably, someone will take a defense starting in round 7-8. Do not fall into this trap! While important, defenses are very unpredictable and more often than not, the ones you think will be outstanding don't produce nearly at the level they should based on where you select them. My philosophy is to take a defense in the second to last round. I suspect you'll replace your defense at least twice this year (once for a bye and once because it underperformed). Don't lose value at other positions to take a chance on a defense.

That said, here are the rankings:

  1. NYJ Defense
  2. Minnesota Defense
  3. Baltimore Defense
  4. Philadelphia Defense
  5. Dallas Defense
  6. Pittsburgh Defense
  7. Green Bay Defense
  8. San Francisco Defense
  9. New Orleans Defense
  10. Cinncinatti Defense
  11. Giants Defense
  12. Chicago Defense
  13. New England Defense
  14. San Diego Defense
  15. Arizona Defense
  16. Denver Defense
  17. Indianapolis Defense
  18. Miami Defense
  19. Cleveland Defense
  20. Washington Defense

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