Monday, August 30, 2010

Consensus Top QBs for 2010 Fantasy Football

It used to be that drafting a QB in the first round was considered to be a big time fantasy blunder. But as Bob Dylan once said, the times they are a changing. Just last night I participated in a mock-draft in which 5 QBs were drafted in the first two rounds.

Below you'll find the consensus top-rated QBs in 2010 for fantasy football.

Consensus QB Rankings:

1. Drew Brees, QB NO
2. Aaron Rodgers, QB GB
3. Peyton Manning, QB IND
4. Tom Brady, QB NE
5. Matt Schaub, QB HOU
6. Tony Romo, QB DAL
7. Philip Rivers, QB SD
8. Brett Favre, QB MIN
9. Kevin Kolb, QB PHI
10. Joe Flacco, QB BAL
11. Jay Cutler, QB CHI
12. Eli Manning, QB NYG
13. Matt Ryan, QB ATL
14. Donovan McNabb, QB WAS
15. Chad Henne, QB MIA
16. Ben Roethlesburger, QB PIT (suspended 4-6 games)
17. Carson Palmer, QB CIN
18. Matt Cassel, QB KC
19. Vince Young, QB TEN
20. Matthew Stafford, QB DET
21. David Gerrard, QB JAC
22. Jason Campbell, QB OAK
23. Alex Smith, QB SF
24. Mark Sanchez, QB NYJ
25. Matt Leinart, QB AZ
26. Matt Hasslebeck, QB SEA
27. Kyle Orton, QB DEN
28. Josh Freeman, QB TB
29. Matt Moore, QB CAR
30. Sam Bradford, QB STL

Last year there were nine or ten 4,000 yard passers in the NFL, including the ageless one, Brett Favre. This year, there may even be more as teams continue to air it out. It is definitely important to grab one of these elite QBs, but if you do, understand that you run the risk of being weak at the QB position. If you wait, you have to hope that Eli Manning repeats his 4,000 season from a year ago, or that Donovan McNabb has little drop off in Washington if you wait. So, there's definitely risk both ways, but the good news is, there are a good number of talented QBs available for this year's fantasy season.

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