Monday, June 28, 2010

Losing It - 4 Week Update

4 weeks into my challenge I find myself about 5 lbs down. When I stepped on the scale this past Saturday it read 260. 4, so I'll take it and round it down to 260.

The challenge started off with a bang, but my efforts have slowed of late due to a vacation and the hottest June I can remember pretty much ever. So, I've been pleased with my 5lbs of weight loss,  but know that my inactivity can't help my next few weigh ins. The hot weather does keep me sweting, but still, gotta get back on the horse, even if that means going out to exercise at dusk.

Thanks for caring and keeping me motivated!


  1. Way to go Andrew! A pound or two a week is the healthy way - so they say - and the surest way to keep it off. Keep up the good work!

  2. Andy I am out in Reno working along with you... I walk around 2 miles every morning with a neighbor. if we keep it up we will look great by November (that is my goal for Beenie's wedding and... ugh.. family portrait) Keep it up!

  3. Hey...great going, Andrew! I'm proud of you for making the effort -- something I need to do also. I think we'd be healthier, wealthier and wiser if we lose the weight! :) Keep up the good work!! Good luck and keep us posted. Luv ya.. Annette