Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What The...?

Occasionally in life, you stumble across something that makes you pause and reflect. Other times, you find things that make you say..."what the...?" Last night was a "what the....?"

A routine stop for gas turned into much more when I pulled up to the pump and noticed a well-placed animal head and antlers on the trash can near the gas pump. You know how sometimes you see something and you wonder how it got to wherever it was? Some people do this with big things like Stone Hinge, or the rock formations in southern Utah where one rock is teetering on the brink. Not me, I wonder what the thought process was on leaving this; presumably deer head on the rim of the trash can at a local petroleum depot in Culpeper.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I like to clean out the car every now and then while I’m filing up. But that usually ends up being an empty slurpee cup or a receipt or, you know general trash. Can’t say that I’ve ever been cleaning out the car during a stop for gas and thought “oh yeah, I need to get rid of that deer head in the trunk.” Or maybe, the person found it underneath his or her seat…I just don’t know what the thought process is there. But I’d love to find out, or maybe be a fly on the wall…or in this case, on the pump!

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